- The Marketing automation at your service

The Marketing automation at your service

Monitor your Twitter accounts like a virtuous manager

App designed to achieve three objectives

  • Communicate and promote yourself
  • Get targeted and engaged followers
  • Start useful conversations with new people

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Advanced Community Management

Search for users and content suggestions

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Analyse the strength of your tags

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Keep track of your activities

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It is automatic!

  • Tweet from lists
  • Reply to people
  • Follow them
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Tweetsearch resultsusertagslistengagement
Retweetsearch resultsauthortagstweetfollower
Replysearch resultstweettagslistengagement
Followsearch resultsusertagsfollower

The easy way with credits


Did you now that one request
could lead to multiple actions
on Twitter?

1 request = 1 credit = X actions
How to get more credits?


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PACK 10Kx 10000
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PACK 1Kx 1000
PACK 500x 500


Sign-up Bonusx 1000
Add an accountx 500
Recommend the appx 200
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Share tags & listsx 10


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